Green Cleaning With Essential Oils

Go Green While You Spring Clean

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This month I want to reach out to you about moving towards a plant based lifestyle. Making this transition has radically changed my family’s lives, for the better.

It is now my mission to continue to educate, equip and empower people to take charge of their own health, because you and your family are totally worth the investment.

Get started with these 7 tips to go green while you spring clean!

1. Download the FREE Think Dirty App

First things first.... if you have not downloaded this FREE app, run and do it NOW!!!

You won't regret it, well, maybe you will.

Why??? Basically, you scan the barcodes of items found in your home, and the app will tell you how toxic a product is (scale of 1-10) and why it is toxic. I scanned all of the 'natural' products in my home and was shocked to find that most of them were scoring 9's and 10's. Yikes!!

My husband talked me off the ledge, and we kept some of the items and have replaced with safer alternatives as we run out. This is not an overnight transition my friends.

2. Reveal How Toxic Your Household Cleaners Are

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When I discovered the truth about my 'tried and true' cleaners, I honestly felt betrayed. How was it possible that I could buy something off a store shelf that was essentially poisonous, even when used per the labeled instructions.

  • Method Granite Cleaner: 7

  • Pledge Multisurface Cleaner: 7

  • Dawn Dish Soap: 7

  • Windex Glass & Surface Cleaner: 7

What makes these products err on the toxic side??  Synthetic fragrances, phthalates, cocamide DEA, sodium lauryl sulfate, just to name a few.  

What do all of those fancy words mean??  They are known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and allergens. Why is that important??  With repeated exposure they can mess yo body up, like big time. There is a reason behind the scary fact that the United States has the highest  percentage of people with chronic diseases & cancer.

3. Replace Them with Green Cleaning and Essential Oils

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So, what do we use in our homes and in our sinks now??  Peace of mind is what we use, and....

  • White, Distilled vinegar
  • Washing soda (sometimes baking soda)
  • Thieves Household cleaner
  • Dr. Bronner Castille Soap (unscented)
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Hot water

Yup, that's my shopping list for most of my household cleaning. Simper simple and very cost effective. And all the mama's said amen!!!

Do you know what each of these items rate on the 'toxic scale'??  A big fat ZERO. Not only that, but I literally have 4 items under my kitchen sink.  Now I have plenty of room to keep all of the other things I don't really need :)

4.  Get Yourself Some Thieves Household Cleaner Concentrate

Wait, what’s that?

It feeds all parts of me - simple, effective, smells like Christmas and it is safe for my people. I literally use this ONE concentrate on all things in my home, in different dilutions.

thieves household cleaner.png

Don't let that scare you, it is super simple. All you need is the concentrate and some water. Easy Peasy.

  • General cleaning:  add one capful to 3 cups of water
  • Medium cleaning: add 1 capful to 2 cups of water
  • Heavy degreasing:  add 1 capful to 1 cup of water
  • Paste consistency: add baking soda until you reach desired consistency

How do you use it?

Add the thieves cleaner concentrate to the spray bottle and fill the remainder with water, shake well to combine. Spray onto surfaces and wipe with a damp cloth.

This cleaner is safe to use on most surfaces: granite, porous tile, marble & porcelain included.  You may want to patch test first.

  • General Cleaning items: countertops, tables, chairs, appliances, door handles, windows/glass, wood
  • Medium Cleaning:  toilets, dishwasher, bathtubs, sinks, tile
  • Heavy Cleaning: crusted dishes/cookware, oven, front loading washing machine, shower, carpet/rugs
  • Paste: tough stains, mildew

Great, it is super effective!!

How much does it cost?

Not only is this bottle of magic a total time saver but it will save you money too!  

One 14oz bottle of concentrate will last around 3 months, and it is literally the only product I clean my home with.

thieves household cleaner cost.png

Thieves Household Cleaner Concentrate Costs:

14.4oz bottle:

Wholesale: $22.50  /  Retail: $29.61

64oz bottle:

Wholesale: $87.75  /  Retail: $115.46

OR.. you can snag a Thieves Premium Starter Kit!!

thieves household cleaner starter kit.png

This has everything you need to go green, including a membership to Young Living! So, you get all the things pictured here along with....

  • 24% discount from retail pricing
  • No renewal or annual fees, to keep your membership active, all you need to do is spend $50 per YEAR!
  • No minimum order required, spend what you want, when you want.
  • No pressure to sell anything... EVER!
  • All the team resources you could ever want, PLUS an amazing oil community.

5. Go Super Clean with More from Young Living Essential Oils

There are many options to get going with Young Living, here are a couple more....

desert mist household cleaning essential oils starter kit.jpg
healthy homes starter kit essential oils for spring cleaning.jpg
clean living essential oils starter kit.jpg

Each of these sets comes with a membership and have a different selection of products.  One of my personal favorites is the Essential Oils Starter Kit that now comes with the beautiful Desert Mist DIffuser. I literally use 9 out of the 11 oils on the DAILY!!!

Love something you see here??  AMAZING!!!

Just click on this link to get started...

Want more information?? I would love to plug you in based on your need. Our mission is to educate, equip and empower our people!

. Kick Your Cleaning Up a Notch With This Bonus Deal

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And because I love to equip my people, I want to throw in a little bonus....

Sign up for any of the kits above and I will gift you ALL of these amazing 'Ditch & Switch' resources.

Score all 3 versions of the 'Chemical Free Home' by Melissa Poepping. All of my DIY products come from these books and she also provides some great baseline education.

Also, you get this adorable bottle to mix up your Thieves Household Cleaner spray. I literally have one of these in every room!

7. Accept Your Green Cleaning Challenge

spring cleaning challenge with essential oils.png

What can you do with this information?

  • Download that 'Think Dirty' app and scan 3 of your most commonly used items.  If any of these items rates 6-10 on the toxic scale, consider looking for a non-toxic alternative. Need help?? Ask me :)
  • Check out this short, and to the point, research article.
  • Consider what you can toss or use up!!  When you need to replace, consider kicking off the "Ditch & Switch' process by snagging products in the Thieves Cleaning Line today. Need help customizing a kit??  Ask me!
  • Have more questions?? Just email me and I would be SO happy to help!